27″ 5K iMac 64GB RAM Memory upgrade

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27″ 5K iMac 64GB RAM Memory upgrade

The latest 27″ 5K iMac’s can support up to 64GB of onboard RAM. This comes as no surpirse considering the  intesive performance requirements of many 3rd party software applications. Sierra which will be the latest version of the Mac operating system is going to place further strain on machines with below average spec’s. This is a perfect upgrade for iMac’s that are being used as intense work stations or are involved in pre and post production activities.

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Get your Mac fixed by the Apple experts ZA Support

ZA Support Quick Fix-Mac Workshop

As part of the Quick Fix program you receive several discounts when serving your Mac. All hardware receives up to 25% discount and additional value added services like free diagnosis on specific products and reduced data recovery rates. Additional benefits of having your Mac’s serviced regularly is that problems can be picked up far sooner than waiting for an unexpected failure which costs more and takes more time to fix.

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