4TB Mac Pro SSD upgrade – new Mac Pro SSD upgrade

4Tb Mac Pro SSD Upgrade

Another first from ZA Support is the 4TB Mac Pro SSD upgrade. This is a welcomed upgrade for the film and photography industry. With Adobe, Final Cut, Avid among many other software vendors who are building advanced features into their products generally results in massive files being created. With over 760 back orders for the 4TB Mac Pro SSD it is a definite success. For those of you interested to find out more, please get in touch with us. This is a sought after item so pre-ordering is a must.

128GB Mac Pro RAM upgrade

128GB Mac Pro RAM


If you are an editor, film producer or in any Mac RAM memory intensive industry this is an upgrade you may want to consider. The 128GB Mac Pro RAM memory upgrade is a first of it’s kind providing unparalleled performance for Mac Pro’s. Generally this is the kind of upgrade which is complimented by the 4TB Mac Pro SSD upgrade considering most Mac Pro storage options are limited at best. The latest Mac Pro 128GB RAM runs at blazing speeds which provide excellent performance and increase the life span of the machine while giving you the flexibility of working on huge projects. Contact us below for some more information.

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Get your Mac fixed by the Apple experts ZA Support

Waiting is not an option

Based on the phenomenal response from our fan’s the Quick Fix service has really taken off since the launch last month! We have just over 2,500 fans who are using the service and who enjoying the benefits. 

What is quick fix?

The service is a bi-annual health check on your Mac. The machine gets collected and delivered door to door so you never have to bring it in to us. We schedule the collections for you so you don’t need to be concerned about when the machine needs to come in next. Quick Fix offers, a check on:

1. Collection and delivery service included*

2. A full hardware and software diagnostics (Including: Logic board, RAM, hard drives / SSD’s, CD drives)

3. Backup verification and maintenance**

4. All new Mac operating systems and updates included

5. Microsoft Office updates and Outlook database health check’s.

6. Personalised technical recommendations for upgrades and any components that can be optimised.

*Within 15km of Sandton, should the distance be further additional charges may apply.