Apple upgrades South Africa which is right for you?

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Finding out which Apple upgrades are not only going to work short-term but considering how they are going to benefit you in the long-term is of utmost importance when considering to have your MacBook Pro upgraded with 16GB of RAM or your iMac upgraded with an SSD. You need to know what can be done with your machine and how each upgrade will benefit you.

In this article ZA Support sets out to demystify the relationship between an Apple upgrade and the expectations of the users associated with the Apple upgrade in South Africa.

Apple RAM upgrade:

Let’s begin with an Apple RAM upgrade. Firstly in layman’s terms what does RAM do? Apple RAM is mainly used in two application purposes. One is for the applications themselves aka software. Each application running on your machine requires a certain amount of your Apple RAM. The more intensive the application (iPhoto, Word, Outlook etc.) the more amount of Apple RAM it is going to take up. That is why you may often find when opening some applications even if it is only one however the amount of memory used is sizable the machine will become slow. The second use is for the operating system itself. Depending on what kind of Apple operating system you are running will determine the type of Apple RAM you require.. The latest version of the Apple operating system Mavericks has been known to give problems with RAM especially if the user has not done an Apple upgrade recently. We will soon be writing a dedicated article about known Mavericks challenges and will keep you posted. If you would like some Apple technical support regarding your Apple RAM upgrade in South Africa please click here.

Hard drive

Even though standard Apple hard drive upgrades are rapidly being replaced by Apple solid state hard drives nothing replaces the good old Apple hard drive upgrade. Apple solid state hard drives are still to get to the same widespread use as conventional Apple hard drives. There are two factors one must bear in mind with the standard Apple hard drive upgrade. One is the capacity in terms of storage space on a conventional Apple hard drive whether upgrading a MacBook Pro hard drive or an iMac hard drive – could still be much higher than that found in Apple solid state upgrade technology. Nowadays you can put up to 4TB of storage onto a single drive. That is a decent amount of movies and photo’s in iPhoto! The second factor is price. The cost of an Apple hard drive upgrade for the amount of capacity you get v.s that in Apple SSD upgrades differ. This is only becuase Apple SSD technology is much newer and more sought after. Still it will take manufacturers some time to make a 4TB Apple SSD drive which is mainstream. For more information on how to get your Apple hard drive upgraded in South Africa click here.

Apple SSD upgrades

To think that only a couple of years ago Apple SSD upgrades became available and now they are main stream… SSD’s stand for solid state drive. This means essentially it is flash based memory exactly like that you find on a USB flash stick. There are no moving parts in an Apple SSD upgrade making it one of the safest Apple hard drive upgrades to do short, medium and long term. The nature of normal Apple hard drive upgrades still means there are moving parts making it susceptible to Apple hard drive failures in MacBook Pro’s, iMac, Mac Mini’s and Mac Pro’s. When considering Apple SSD upgrades there is less risk of requiring an Apple Support South Africa’s data recovery team because Apple SSD upgrades don’t often fail. When thinking of Apple SSD upgrades in South Africa one has to be mindful of how you are going to use your SSD. For instance if you choose to go for a 256GB Apple solid state upgrade however you have 1TB of data and you don’t want to replace the optical drive you may have some deleting to do. What many people do is run dual hard drives in their Macbook Pro’s or iMac’s enabling them to have the speed of an Apple Solid state hard drive upgrade combined with the capacity of a conventional Apple hard drive upgrade. So are you going to go all Apple SSD or are you going to have a blended approach? For more information on which options are available for your Apple solid state hard drive upgrade contact us.

SSD’s in Mac Pro

If you are a Mac Pro user and you are thinking of upgrading your Mac Pro you are also able to benefit from a Mac Pro solid state drive upgrade. ZA Support has specialised brackets which support Mac Pro solid state upgrades.  This is perfect for live video editing, hardcore graphic work and large media file interactions. Now you can combine the processing power of your Mac Pro with an Apple Mac Pro RAM upgrade and the Apple Mac Pro SSD upgrade. Overall making you unstoppable!

Apple Optical drive upgrades

Some people like the fact that in some of the previous generation MacBook Pro’s one is able to often remove the optical drive and replace it with an Apple SSD upgrade. This is true since many people either don’t use their CD drives or they are damaged and instead of replacing them with a super drive you use once a year put in an Apple optical drive upgrade! For more information on how to get your Apple optical drive replaced with an Apple SSD upgrade click here.

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