Apple Mac Support in South Africa and Johannesburg for a Hosted Microsoft Exchange

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Apple Mac Support in South Africa and Johannesburg for Microsoft Exchange and how You, SME’s and Enterprise’s using Mac’s are able to benefit.


Apple Mac Support in South Africa for Microsoft Exchange has always been a hotly contested topic. First lets understand from an Apple technical support perspective what a Microsoft Hosted Exchange is. Basically a Hosted Exchange allows you to have a regularly syncronised email, contact and calendar system. There are huge advantages such as automatic back ups of all your data and a universal SMTP if we could call it that. Simply meaning you never have to change your SMTP settings, no matter where you are connected. That is why so many people when requesting Apple technical support for email queries upon hearing about hosted Exchange for Apple Mac move to the solution.

Where can you use it?

Hosted Exchange for Apple in South Africa is always available as long as you are connected to the Internet. You are also able to use Exchange on any Apple machine, Apple iPad or any other device that is able to connect to email services and the Internet. Plus if all hope is lost and your Apple devices are stolen you can log in over the web through any machine as long as it is connected to the Internet.


Why use it?

There are several reasons why a Hosted exchange for Apple is a brilliant solution whether you are an Individual Apple user or Enterprise Apple user in South Africa.

For Individual Apple clients the top two reasons include all your devices are up to date all the time. So you don’t need to sync anything or worry if contacts, emails or calendar entries will be different on your different devices. This is sometimes viewed as a better option that iCloud since there is rarely duplication.

The second is that you never change your SMTP on your Mac. So no more calling Apple technical Support in Johannesburg and South Africa trying to resolve which service provider does and doesn’t provide Apple Technical support in Johannesburg and South Africa!

For Apple business users the reasons for a hosted Microsoft exchange for your Apple business are even more compelling.

The first is the lack of physical hardware. You don’t need a big server or a huge backend to run a hosted Microsoft Exchange for Mac. This saves the company huge costs in Apple technical Support whether in Johannesburg or South Africa excluding the fact that because it is hosted by someone else you don’t carry the CAPEX cost.

The second is that it is backed up virtually – always. All those days of Apple data recovery and calling Apple Mac support in Johannesburg or South Africa are over well at least for you email, contacts and calendar.

Scalability features is another reason the solution is cost effective from an Apple Support, Apple Technical assistance and license perspective. Because you are able to only pay for which licenses you have and not one’s you may have in the future. Whether you are an Apple SME or an Apple Enterprise, Microsoft Exchange for Apple Mac can cater from as little as one user license onwards making it a friend of small Apple businesses and large Apple business in Johannesburg and South Africa.



So how can I get set up for Microsoft Exchange for Apple Mac?


Set up and configuration for the Microsoft Exchange for Apple Mac can be complicated and result in duplication or data loss if you have either never done a migration before or don’t have the in house expertise to do so. ZA Support has several years of experience in the set up and Apple Mac support of Hosted Microsoft Exchanges. We offer on site Apple support where a certified Apple technician will come to your offices or home environment and provide expert Apple Mac support in Johannesburg or South Africa.


I have questions…

Please contact ZA Support regarding any questions you may have relating to your Apple Mac Support requirements or advice regarding Microsoft Exchange for Apple Mac.

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