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Mac Drive not detected.


Why is the Drive not detected?

The internal drive of your Mac is used to store the operating system files and data to ensure your Mac works normally. So when the Drive is not detected it will stop you from accessing your data and the Mac might not even turn on.

There are two common situations where the internal hard drive is not showing up at boot or in Finder/Desktop.


Possible solutions to fix the internal hard drive that is not detected.

  1. Repair the internal hard drive.
  2. Try to boot Mac in Safe Mode.
  3. Recover data and reinstall macOS.
  4. Replace the internal hard disk if it is faulty.


An Apple Mac that does not detect the Drive could result in you facing a high risk of loss as you cannot access important files, videos, and documents on your Mac.  To prevent this from happening a regular backup is vital. As it is difficult to identify the exact root cause, you will need to speak to an Apple specialist.

    If you need to book your Mac in for an Apple diagnostic click here.


    If you have your serial number it increases our response time. There's a link at the bottom of this form to help you find your serial number if you are unsure where to locate it.