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Mac has no display. Updated 2024

Why is my Mac display not coming on?

There are various reasons why this can happen.

1.  Backlight is not coming on however when you shine a flashlight you can see the desktop icons and this can be attributed to the malfunction of the backlight circuit.

2. Liquid damage due to the chip on the logic board that converts the power from the battery to the correct voltage for the backlight to get wet. This can happen if you have spilled something on your Mac or even put it on a wet surface.

3. Impact damage that can show a completely extinguished screen pointing to a blown fuse and the ribbon connection inside the cover. The inverter chip is usually burned and it involves the logic board.

4. Sometimes corrupt information on the startup disk can result in a black screen on your Mac. You need to force your Mac to run diagnostics on the disk by booting it in safe mode by powering up or restarting your Mac.

5.  After updating your Mac to the latest macOS you see a white, gray, or black screen that can be caused by some technical issues eg lack of memory.

What are the common signs of my Mac having no display?

  1. Mac doesn’t turn on.
  2. Mac turns on but the screen remains black.
  3. Mac starts then halfway through the booting up process turns off.
  4. You can hear parts moving inside the Mac but the screen remains off.

     If your Mac still has no display.

    There are a lot of factors that can cause this but it might be a good reason to bring it in for a diagnostic and to get an expert opinion on the repair.

    If you need to book your Mac in for an Apple diagnostic click here.


    If you have your serial number it increases our response time. There's a link at the bottom of this form to help you find your serial number if you are unsure where to locate it.