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Mac keyboard or trackpad is not detected. Updated 2023

When I turned my Mac on I found that the  Keyboard and Trackpad are not being detected.

Here are a number of reasons why my Trackpad and Keyboard are not detected.

1. It is possible that if I have made a recent change in the software it can cause a  problem for example when the macOS system has been recently upgraded.

2. The trackpad could be dirty and this can prevent it from reading movements and encourage you to do a regular clean or service.

3. When both the Keyboard and Trackpad fail at the same time, the problem may be with just the Trackpad or the Trackpad Flex Cable.

In the USB-C model, Apple Mac the Trackpad or Trackpad Cable is not considered to be a separate part however it is seen as part of the Top Case Assembly, which includes the Keyboard as well.

4. If it is only the Keyboard that is not working it could be that the Keyboard is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Try these steps to resolve the Trackpad and Keyboard not being detected.


1. You can restart the Mac by turning it off and on again sorting out possible software issues.

2. It is necessary to shut the Mac down completely after it restarts and if this does not work shut down the Mac and plug in the power supply.

3. Now you can check the trackpad settings in System Preferences to ensure that everything is set up as it should be.

Issues caused by the Trackpad Cable have been seen in both the Keyboard and Trackpad failure.

4. Another solution is for you to reset the SMC and PRAM. Check out ZA Support’s simple SMC and PRAM reset guide on YouTube on how to reset the PRAM and SMC on your Mac.


Once you have tried all the above and still have no joy in getting the Keyboard or Trackpad to work a professional opinion might be your next option. Contact ZA Support Apple Experts for positive results.



      If you have your serial number it increases our response time. There's a link at the bottom of this form to help you find your serial number if you are unsure where to locate it.