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Mac randomly freezes repairs. Updated 2024


Why does my Mac randomly freeze?

Even a simple issue such as running too many programs and apps can cause your Mac to freeze.

If this happens often, and you have not updated your operating system for a long time it is time to find a long-term solution.

Here are some of the main reasons Macs freeze most of the time.

  • Too many apps running can affect the memory.
  • Many background processes can also affect memory.
  • Even a single app crashing can seriously damage Mac’s performance.
  • There are too many tabs open.
  • When you have many attachments to emails.
  • macOS loaded needs an update.
  • More hard drive space is needed.
  • Hardware problem with your disk or RAM.

What should you do if your Mac freezes?

  1. Try and reset the SMC and PRAM. Check out ZA Support’s simple SMC and PRAM reset guide on YouTube on how to reset the PRAM and SMC on your Mac.
  2. Force quit a frozen or unresponsive app and try to determine which apps caused the crash. Sometimes, an app that works in the background is at fault.
  3. Freeing up disk space as an overloaded drive can be the answer to the question of why the Mac keeps freezing.
  4. Clean your desktop as a cluttered desktop can seriously slow down your Mac, and can also cause many problems.


As you can see there are a lot of factors that can cause your Mac to freeze. If you have tried everything it might be a consideration to bring the Mac in for a diagnostic. A yearly health check can also prevent this from happening in the first place.  If you need to book your Mac in for an Apple diagnostic click here.


If you have your serial number it increases our response time. There's a link at the bottom of this form to help you find your serial number if you are unsure where to locate it.