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Mac OS updates and upgrades support. Updated 2023


The question is should I update my Mac regularly?

It is advisable to keep your Mac running with the latest software updates. This not only gets you to access the newest features but protects you against bugs or security breaches.

Your favorite apps might also stop working if you leave the updates for too long.

When should you upgrade?

Upgrade your Mac at least once a year to the latest version and make sure your software is compatible.

Installing software updates can ward off newly discovered security vulnerabilities as well as deliver new features and stabilize the existing software.

What installation issues are commonly seen?

Do not install a new version of the Mac operating system without having a current backup. A Time Machine backup can be a great help before you install the new version.

With every new release of the Mac operating system, there always seems to be a few installation errors that manage to get through.

Is my Mac compatible with the new version of macOS?

All Macs running macOS Sierra and later is compatible and should accept the upgrade but make sure before installing it.

Consider starting up in Safe Mode and it will perform some basic system checks, including testing your Mac’s hardware, startup disk, and system software.

How much memory do I need to update my Mac?

The latest macOS Monterey needs about 12GB of space and up to another 40GB to install the update.

Consider upgrading your RAM and SSD before contemplating downloading the latest macOS.

Finally, ZA Support Apple Experts can assist you with the upgrading of your Mac’s hardware and software without any stress on your side.



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