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Repair for Apple Mac Wifi/Bluetooth. Updated 2023

Why won’t my Mac connect to my Wi-Fi anymore?

We rely on Bluetooth for more and more devices and it can be really frustrating when it does not work consistently.

Here are the most common reasons your Mac fails to connect to the Wi-Fi.

  • Issues with your router
  • Your internet provider’s network is down
  • Problems with your own Wi-Fi network
  • macOS software issues

Do the following checks:

– Turn your Wi-Fi on and off.

– Are you connecting to the correct network.

– Connect to a different network.

– Check the router cables.

– Reboot your Mac.

How to fix Mac Bluetooth issues?

– Ensure your macOS is up to date.

– Make sure your Bluetooth device is charged.

– Turn the Bluetooth device off and on again.

– Reboot your Mac.

– Remove any possible interference.


Reset the SMC and PRAM. Check out ZA Support’s simple SMC and PRAM reset guide on YouTube on how to reset the PRAM and SMC on your Mac.

    What to do if your Mac’s Wifi or Bluetooth is still not working?

    As you can see there are a lot of factors that can cause an issue with your Wifi or Bluetooth.  If you have tried everything as explained above it might be a consideration to bring the Mac in for a diagnostic. If you need to book your Mac in for an Apple diagnostic click here.


    If you have your serial number it increases our response time. There's a link at the bottom of this form to help you find your serial number if you are unsure where to locate it.