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Apple support for Apple Mac backup solutions South Africa

Backup’s. Its like a bad mantra that never goes away. Day in and day out you hear everyone from your internal Apple support department to your fellow Apple colleagues telling you to backup. Previously putting your backup anywhere and everywhere was the acceptable thing to do.  However with security being a priority and downtime not an option it is crucially important to have your Apple support environment set up effectively.

In normal instances one will only start having concerns when it is too late and your Mac hard drive has failed whether that be hard drive failure on a MacBook Pro or hard drive failure on an iMac. There are hard drives that can reduce the risk of hard drive failure bringing data recovery risk down. To see the Apple solid state hard drive upgrade article click here.

Apple backup’s also differ from user to user in terms of their requirements and how they need to operate. We have broken down three types of Apple backup environments and have complimented each one from an Apple support perspective as to how we are able to provide an expert Apple solution.

Individual Apple back up:

For the average Individual user who is backing up their Mac they would most probably have heard of Apple’s Time Machine. They may even have bough a Time Capsule. As with most Apple backup solutions there are pro’s and con’s. Because Time Machine creates a special backup folder for the files it stores and the fact it has to be accessed over a network makes it not the most friendly Apple backup solution. Especially if the files on the device become blocked due to a drive failure or the Time Capsule de-mounting. However this is the most seamless option for the average Apple user looking to back up their Mac. Contact us if you are keen to find out more about other Apple backup solutions.

SME Apple back up’s

When considering how important data is to any business this is especially true when looking at Apple SME’s running Macs. The conversation around security and redundancy of data become critically important. As every business differs, the Apple back up solutions required vary. There are three phases to effective Apple back up solutions for South African SME’s

1. Partner. When you are looking at what type of Apple solution you require for your Apple SME you need to be sure that you have a partner who understands your business and cares about both your technical and business objectives now and in the future. An Apple using above the line media company has totally different requirements to an architect running Mac’s. Having an Apple back up solution that is not aligned with your business is just as detrimental to workflow and productivity as having no Apple back up solution at all in place. To get expertise on Apple back up solutions for SME’s click here.

2. Apple back up implementation support. Once an Apple back up solution has been agreed upon it is important to have an Apple support specialist who is capable of implementing the solution. No good having the solution with no expertise to implement..

3. Maintenance. One of the biggest mistakes one can make is to have an Apple back up system which not maintained. The amount of data that is being backed up and the type of data will determine the kind of Apple maintenance solution required. For instance a DTP department that places all their working files on a SAN solution which is 7Tb+ will most likely not benefit from a remote back up facility if the line speed is 512kb. An alternative approach may be to have a weekly on-premise back up which gets taken offsite to a secure location. There are several ways in which ZA Support is able to assist in on-premise and off-premise solutions. To find which Apple back up solution is right for your business click here.

Enterprise Apple back up:

Enterprise Apple support and back up’s are highly specialised and often require multiple solutions forming one system. Solutions that are developed are often in conjunction with the internal technology department and compliment the existing I.T strategic plan. If you are an enterprise seeking Apple support assistance relating to back up’s please contact us.

As we have suggested not all Apple back up solutions have been created equal. And that it is important to ensure one has the correct Apple back up solution combined with a suitable Apple Support specialist.

Our next back up related article will deal with cloud back up’s and some of it will form part of the Yosmite article!

Apple back up location South Africa, Apple backup drive South Africa, Apple time machine South Africa, Apple time capsule South Africa, Apple hard drive failure South Africa, MacBook Pro hard drive failure South Africa


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