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In our previous articles regarding Apple Technical Support in South Africa we discussed the need for common Apple support tips to be provided for Apple Mac clientele in South Africa. We felt that through providing this type of instantaneous Apple Support to our fellow South African’s we could reduce the level of frustration felt when trying to get certified Apple Support. In this Apple Support article we are discussing “SMTP’s not working and how to do your own Apple Mac Support in South Africa”

Let’s begin with some frequently asked South African Apple Support questions. One that we come across daily is SMTP servers not sending emails when connecting to different networks. This typically happens when you are trying to connect to a WiFi network that your Mac has not been set up on.

The very first thing to understand is what kind of email system you are using. Simply put –  is it Gmail, Exchange, POP an so on. The reason this is very important is with each mail system there come a different set of steps and different types of Apple support and advice will be required.

For Apple users being supported by Gmail, Imap and Exchange you should not need to change the SMTP settings at all. This is due to the nature of the mail system you are working on. If you have a problem with the SMTP and you are one of the aforementioned systems please contact us for further Apple Support in South Africa.

For Users that require Apple support in South Africa who are using POP or similar accounts here are some steps to try.

Pre-step 1: please make sure you can access the Internet in the first place. Step: 2 Call your service provider and find out if there are known problems in the area or on their servers relating to mail.

1. Check that your authentication settings are on 25 not 465 or anything else UNLESS specifically required by your ISP. Don’t forget some ISP’s require you to have a username and password as part of your authentication these usually require 465 SSL. If this is an alien language to you at the moment give them a call and ask the following:

– Does my SMTP need authentication and if so what is the port number?

– What port must I be using? And does it require a username and password?

Step: 2

2. When you change your SMTP settings it is a good idea to try and use one of the following SMTP’s as they are almost compatible on all networks however can change depending on your ISP.

IMPORTANT: if you are connecting with WiFi the settings are different to a data card connection.


Mweb, Telkom, Afrihost, Global, Lantic



For Mweb:

For Telkom


Cellular network



Cell c

For Microsoft Outlook users this is where you would change your SMTP settings

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For Mail users here’s where you can change your settings

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If you are interested in having your emails, contacts and calendar syncronised to all your devices and backed up for you contact us about a hosted Exchange solution. Click this link to our Apple Support in South Africa for Hosted Microsoft Exchange.

If you try the recommendations above and it still doesn’t work we suggest trying to get apple support from one of our certified apple technicians.

ZA Support has several ways in which we are able to assist in supporting apple mac users in South Africa and Johannesburg.

We have a dedicated Apple technical support team for onsite apple call outs in South Africa and Johannesburg.

You may also make use of the ZA Support Concierge service which provides 24/7 Apple support anywhere in the world.

You may also use the ZA Support Apple technical support Twitter feed

The handle is za_support