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If you have been having problems with your Safari web browser not wanting to open Facebook this article has been created for you. ZA Support the South African Apple Support specialist has written a set of suggestions to try and assist in getting Safari to open Facebook again.

Steps to try:

Please try and follow these Apple Support South Africa suggestions accurately to ensure the best possible outcome.

– Open the Safari application

– Go into the menu of the top left hand side of the screen.

– Click reset safari

 Then go into Safari’s preference menu

 There will be a privacy tab click on that

– Where there is a block cookie section ensure Never is selected

– Navigate to extensions and ensure toggle is turned off

-Go to security after this is done and make sure this is selected:

Enable Java Script

Enable Java

Warn me when visiting sites etc.

Enable plug-in’s

Block pop up windows

– We suggest restarting your machine ensuring all the following settings have been adhered to.

– Once restarted try Facebook from Safari and see if you still require Apple Support in South Africa for Safari not opening Facebook.

– If all fails we suggest downloading Google Chrome. If you Google it you will find the download – very straight forward.

If you are still struggling and you have tried all the above mentioned suggestions it is recommended that you seek the next tier of Apple support in South Africa. This may be achieved onsite if you would like onsite Apple support in Johannesburg. Alternatively you are able to receive Apple Support in South Africa via our workshop. The latter does require the MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air or Mac Pro to be booked in with ZA Support.

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