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Apple Support in South Africa when you are an SME needing Apple Support in South Africa.

In our previous Apple support for South African’s article we discussed some Mac support challenges that Individual South African Apple consumers face. The conversation was really aimed at Microsoft Exchange for Apple and how SME’s and Enterprises using Mac’s were able to benefit from local Apple solutions whether in South Africa or Johannesburg. To see more on the Apple Mac Support South Africa email article click here. We are now turning our focus to receiving Apple Support in South Africa as an SME.

In this article we are going to be outlining the 3 key South African Apple support challenges for Apple SME’s. Firstly its important to outline what Apple SME’s in South Africa need to be asking before they go out purchasing hardware or software for that matter.

The first is linked to the Apple business requirements. You can’t go out and buy Apple Macbook Pro’s or iMac’s let alone understanding what type of Apple support you will need without knowing what the criteria should be in terms of the Apple hardware and software you are purchasing. An advanced Apple user reading this potentially may be thinking why would I need to read on? I have done my own Apple support in South Africa for the past X amount of years… As seen continuously in the latest business trends the top CEO’s and Directors go to training all the time, they are always listening to new approaches toward their businesses and even their Apple Support!

To gain this business insight into what your Apple SME requirements are for Mac purchases or for Apple Mac Support we need to look at your business objectives. And not just business objectives for the I.T department or small outsourced Apple solutions provider, however the overall company’s objectives and vision. It is not often that you hear an Apple Support business make mention of the overall company vision and requirements as integral to the decision making process for Apple solutions. Think of it like this. Your company’s vision is excellence, speed and optimising each process and task you take on. However your team running Apple Mac’s which are under resourced, don’t have decent Apple support or are not receiving the level of Apple Mac upgrades and maintenance they require. Even so you are expecting them to embrace and continue working as if nothing has changed from an Apple Mac business perspective? It just can’t work. Whether you are a 2 man Apple SME or a 200+ Mac enterprise you need to have your Apple solution on par with you business objectives.

The next part to the discussion is the current and future Apple strategy  for the Mac department or group. By understanding what the business requirements may look like in the next 3 – 5 years you change the conversation from let’s buy the cheapest because it is cost effective to posing business orientated questions like what’s the life span of this asset from purchase to upgrade to pass-me-down? You would’t buy a Vespa if in 6 months you were to have 2 kids and a wife, the same applies with your business using Mac’s or being supported by a South African Apple support business. You need to have someone on your side who is informed about the latest Apple trends and cost effective Apple solutions and Mac support in South Africa.

Lastly you need to think about keeping up to date safely. And up to date doesn’t just mean dusting off the Mac once every 6 weeks… This actually has a few components to it.  The first is back up. Always back up. We will be writing a full feature article on the advantages and disadvantages of certain Apple back up systems and even some 3rd party Mac back up solutions. But for the moment let’s keep it simple… Back your work up – every day. Remember when people still wrote on paper with pens?  There was a saying “think before you ink…” The same applies with Apple support updates. One would not believe the amount of Apple Support disasters that happen because “the machine told me to do it”.  Whilst all Apple Support updates look enticing and friendly, depending on what you are running they can be quite nasty. Finally you need to know that you can go back to when it was all roses – granted this is almost impossible unless you have a team that really understands the Apple Support environment internationally and cares enough about your Mac business and its objectives.

This is about changing the mindset from let’s just buy on a salesman’s advice to let us engage with an organisation that cares about my business and understands the field in which I operate. It’s time to think about your Apple solutions department as an important part to your business. To speak to the leading Apple support professionals click here.