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Apple Technical Support South Africa

How to get the best possible Technical Apple Mac support in South Africa

Whether you are a new Mac user or an advanced Apple user we all know the immense frustration when something goes wrong and you are not sure what to do. Even worse when you don’t know where to start looking if you need Apple Support in Johannesburg or Mac Support in South Africa.

For the Individual Apple user the type of challenges that we have found are usually repeated with several clients requiring Apple technical Support. For instance connectivity  challenges with data cards combined with the outgoing mail server change (SMTP) is broadly experienced challenge.

For Apple SME’s the challenges are amplified as the client is not running a personal environment any longer however one that is generating an income. Other critical factors include handling of client information, sensitive documents and often needing to archive work for a minimum of 3-5 years. These pressures combined with high data costs and an ever increasing jungle of moving into the cloud highlight the importance of viewing I.T not just as a service provider – instead an Apple solutions business and technology partner who is aligned with your objectives.

In a South African Apple Enterprise context the dynamic for Apple technical support morphs once again. When managing budgets, internal I.T departments, outsourced Apple support and services providers including forecasts – expert Apple support is imperative for success. Having a partner who is aware of the companies overall technology strategy and is able to work closely with the existing technology department allows challenges to be solved faster whilst delegating the responsibility for providing technical Apple support for users in Johannesburg and South Africa to a trusted body.

So ZA Support’s Apple technical help desk thought it would be useful to create a series of  Apple technical assistance articles aimed at the most frustrating and common challenges Apple users face in Johannesburg and South Africa. We intend providing Apple technical support for a broad audience including Individual Apple users, SME Mac users and, Enterprise Apple users in South Africa.

As a starter here are some of the ZA Support Apple technical resources available:

ZA Support Apple technical support numbers in South Africa

Tel: 011 268 0566

Emergency: +27 79 053 9964

ZA Support Apple technical support email addresses in South Africa

ZA Support and ZA Support Concierge support websites

ZA Support and ZA Support Concierge support social media links




Posts will begin tomorrow and we look forward to assisting everyone with any Apple technical support query!