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2021 Apple upgrades

Upgrading your Mac has become one of the most popular methods of increasing the performance on your Mac.

You will be surprised how an Apple upgrade can dramatically improve the performance of your existing Mac.

2021 brings incredible new Apple upgrades which are comparable to the performance of the latest new Mac’s.  

For over 11-years we have been rated the number-one Apple upgrade expert in South Africa.

There are so many Mac upgrade options which can boost performance, it is important to get the best possible Apple upgrade guidance.

Some of the most frequent Apple upgrades include: Apple solid-state drive (SSD) upgrades, Apple RAM memory upgrades and Apple PCIe SSD upgrades.

We understand that your Mac upgrade needs are special.

Our Apple engineers have extensive industry experience and therefore are well equipped to provide expert Mac upgrade advice.  

We also offer the longest warrantees on our Apple upgrades, the shortest Mac upgrade fitment lead times and top-rated post Apple upgrade support.





What type of Apple upgrade are you interested in?

Apple SSD Upgrade

Apple RAM Upgrade

Apple SSD PCIe Upgrade

What type of Mac are you going to upgrade?

RAM upgrades MacBook Pro

RAM upgrades can significantly speed up your Apple MacBook Pro and extend the life of your machine. We offer the following RAM upgrades:

16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 126GB

Apple iMac SSD upgrades

SSD Upgrades Mac Pro

Upgrade your storage. Solid-state drives are reliable and a sturdy alternative to Hard disk drives. We offer the following storage capacities:

120GB, 240GB, 480GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB

Apple iMac SSD upgrades

Hard Drive Upgrades MacBook Pro

There is still a place for hard disk drives (HDD) but many of our clients are opting for a Solid State Drive (SSD). We do however offer both internal and external hardrives to dramatically increase your MacBook Pro’s storage capacity.

What Apple upgrades are available?

2021 Apple upgrades

There are so many Apple upgrade options which are already available which will drastically improve the performance of your Mac.

For the past 11-years Apple fans in South Africa have rated ZA Support as the number one Apple upgrade expert in the country.

Whether you are interested in upgrading your Apple RAM, Apple solid-state drive (SSD) or Apple PCIe SSD our Apple upgrades are superior to any alternative within South Africa.


Increase in Apple RAM performance since 2020

Which Apple upgrade is right for you?

Personalised Apple upgrades

Your specific Apple upgrade requirements are unique. Since every Mac upgrade is different the performance you are expecting from your Mac needs to be assessed by Apple experts.

Unfortunately many Apple fans are given the incorrect advice when upgrading their Mac. 

If the incorrect Apple upgrades are fitted to your Mac it results in uneccessary expense, loss of productivity and frustration.

For more than 11-years we have fitted over 98,000 Mac upgrades. We provide personalised Apple upgrade recommendations which have been tested in industry specific environments and proven to offer the highest Mac upgrade performance.

Fastest Apple upgrades

No queues to upgrade your Mac

Important Information

Important to Note

Before you click “Add to Cart” get in touch for expert guidance and advice. We would be delighted to help you pick the right Apple MacBook to meet your needs. The latest models have limited upgrade possibilities which makes your original purchase decision even more important.

Please also contact us before updating your operating system. Newer updates install firmware that will limit your ability to upgrade hardware components. New operating systems may also not be compatible with an older MacBook Pro.


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