Are the 2019 new Apple products really worth upgrading to?

Are the 2019 new Apple products really worth upgrading to?

One of the most popular questions ZA Support is asked, is whether you upgrade to a new 2019 Mac or, if you upgrade your old Mac.

The question of upgrading your Mac with an Apple Mac SSD upgrade or, an Apple RAM memory upgrade all depends on your needs.

ZA Support has found that in most instances, upgrading your old Mac is more affordable than buying a new one. One thing ZA Support Apple fans have reported after an upgrade on their Apple SSD or their Apple RAM memory is that their Mac’s performance is improved by an average of 65%. Click here to see what Apple Mac upgrades are available for your Mac.

If it is time to upgrade to a new 2019 Mac, the question to ask is which new 2019 Mac do you upgrade to?

There are so many new 2019 MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac and Mac Pro options it is tough to work out which one to buy. 

ZA Support has been rated the number one Apple upgrade company in South Africa, and we have designed special tools to assist you find which new 2019 Mac is going to suit you best. Click here to find out which new 2019 Mac is best for you.

So, here are the top 3 questions you need to ask when comparing whether to upgrade your old Mac or, buy a new 2019 Mac.

1) Based on the Mac applications you use, look at the minimum requirements each application has. Specifically, look at the amount of Apple RAM memory your Mac is actually using, compared with the minimum application performance specifications.

You should also check your Mac’s hard drive performance. A low read and write speed can contribute to your Mac becoming slow. If you are not sure what is causing your Mac to be slow click here.

We have found that even Mac users who don’t use high performance applications, and only do the basics like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point and other email functions those applications use far more Mac sources than you think.

In a previous Apple ZA Support article, we provided top tips to check the performance of your Mac. Click here to find out which applications on your Mac are causing your Mac to become slow.

2) Once you know which applications are using the most amount of resources on your Mac, try these top 3 steps to increase the performance of your Mac before upgrading your Mac’s hard drive to an SSD or, upgrading your Mac’s RAM memory.

3) When choosing which new 2019 Mac to buy, have a look at the processor, graphics card, Mac hard drive or Mac SSD, and the Mac RAM memory compared to what future versions of your current Apple applications will require. This is crucially important often, you will find that salesmen will try and sell you a new 2019 Mac without themselves knowing what future versions of the software will be released. 

If you want the best advice to check the performance differences between your old Mac and a new one contact ZA Support.

ZA Support recently provided some top tips to try and make sure you don’t buy a new 2019 Mac only to find, that it’s slow within months of purchasing it. Click here to see what to watch out for when buying a new 2019 Mac.

4) If you still want to know which Apple upgrades your older Mac can be upgraded to, check out the latest 2019 Apple RAM and Apple SSD upgrades available and what type of performance your upgraded Mac will provide. Click here for the best advice on upgrading your Mac.

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