Should I buy an iMac Pro or upgrade my current iMac?

Should I buy an iMac Pro or upgrade my current iMac?

Buy an iMac Pro or upgrade my current iMac, that is the question…

Should I buy an iMac Pro or upgrade my current iMac?  There are pros and cons for each option and after reading this blog you should be one step closer to making a decision.  The new Apple iMac Pro was one of the most anticipated releases for 2017. The iMac Pro is a powerful, professional all-in-one that certainly won’t be for everyone. It has an impressive amount of power and an equally impressive price tag to match. However, if the iMac Pro is suited to your needs, then you won’t be disappointed.

More about the latest iMac Pro

Should I buy an iMac Pro or upgrade my current iMac?

What’s inside:

CPU: Up to a 18-Core processor, other options include 8 and 10-core’s.  The 8 and 10-core options were available from December 2017 but the 14- and 18-cores were added at the end of January.

RAM: Up to 128GB of RAM.

SSD: Up to 4TB SSD.

GPU: Up to 16GB Radeon Pro Vega 64 graphics processor

Network: 10Gb Ethernet port

The Apple iMac Pro is undoubtedly an incredibly powerful machine built for professional users and has been labeled the most powerful Mac ever made.

But should you buy an iMac Pro or upgrade your current iMac computer?  It depends on what you need it for and we have provided an easy comparison to help you answer that question.


First and foremost there is the price… A base model iMac Pro is almost 3 times the cost of the base model iMac.  The upgrades and optional extras may further increase that cost, meaning the new iMac Pro could be the equivalent of an entry level car!

Processor speed

Besides the obvious price consideration the biggest and most important difference between these models is the processing speed.  The iMac Pro’s 8- to 18-cores make it super fast and able to handle big workloads.  The cache is also noteworthy as you can expect more from the iMac Pro Xeon processor.


The 27″ iMac starts with a 1TB Fusion Drive and 8GB of 2400MHz memory, respectively. The ceiling for both of those parts is up to a 3TB Fusion Drive or a 2TB SSD and as much as 64GB of RAM.  The iMac Pro houses the same display as the iMac and does away with the Fusion Drives altogether for 1TB to 4TB worth of SSD storage. The system starts with 32GB of 2666MHz RAM with support for up to 128GB.


Who wins in a challenge between AMD Radeon Pro and Radeon Pro Vega Graphics?  According to AMD, Radeon Pro Vega will offer the greatest graphics improvements in 5 years!  That’s a pretty good reason to pick the iMac Pro over the iMac if superior graphics are important to your business.


The 27″ screen on the iMac Pro will offer the same 5120 X 2880 resolution 5K Retina display and 500 nits of brightness, 14.7 million pixels, P3 colour gamut and support for over a billion colours, as the standard 27″ iMac.
There is no reason in terms of display to choose the iMac Pro over the standard 27″ iMac.


The most obvious design difference between the two machines is the Space Grey case of the iMac Pro. While there are some differences in speakers, ports and vents you would find it difficult to tell them apart.

Our Verdict

Both the iMac Pro and the 2017 iMac offer significant performance outputs. However, with certain upgrades on the 2017 iMacs including RAM and the latest generation SSD drives, some features could be matched.

Certain film studio’s and design teams may prefer the iMac Pro as an easier to transport, all-in-one machine, than the traditional Mac Pro. It all depends on your specific requirements.

We recommend getting in touch with us to go through the detailed requirements you have, and make an informed recommendation from there!

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