Send us a picture of your home or office Apple set-up and you could win an excellent prize. It’s as easy as that!



Can you beat Freddie’s Office Setup?

There are a couple of things you should know about us. First of all, we love seeing how people have all of their Apple gear set up, because some people go to some serious effort to make their home or office look amazing, and secondly we have a cupboard full of prizes that we really need to get rid of.


After a few weeks of pondering these points, we came up with a brilliant solution – combine them for a fantastic giveaway! Here’s the deal: All you need to do is take a snap of your desk with your Mac, iPad, iPod, iPhone etc (or any combination of those items) sitting proudly in place, and then post it below in the comments section of this post. We don’t care whether your desk is a complete mess or the epitome of cleanliness, as long as your Apple set up is incredibly cool and fantastically functional you’re in with a chance of winning. We also don’t mind if you’re running a little MacBook all on it’s own; you have just as much chance of winning a prize.

To post your picture you’ll need to upload it to a hosting site, such as Twitter, Pinterest, or then copy the link of your picture and post it below. We’ll check all of them out and update this post as regularly as possible when new set-ups are posted. The competition closes on the 14th of June at 12pm, and by that point we should hopefully have a Set-up Gallery, from which we will be picking our three favourite set-ups. These three lucky people will win a prize or two from our cupboard – we have all kinds of things in there.

If you prefer, you can also email us a photo of your set-up to, or tweet it to us @za_support.

So there you have it! You have everything you need to enter, you know that the closing date is a week from today, and you know that we have some incredibly cool prizes to give away. What are you waiting for?!

Can you beat Freddie’s Office Setup?

Post your set by email or twitter or Pinterest.