Do you know it is going to be difficult to get Apple Mac computer components?

Have you felt the effect the Coronavirus or COVID-19 on the availability of Apple Mac computer components? The virus is really shaking up business and consumer behaviour. It has also made it very hard to get Apple computer components. The components that have experienced shortages include RAM and solid state drives but that isn’t the limit of parts affected. The majority of parts are made in China, and the shutdown of manufacturing in the country has created a situation where all electronics are limited.

The current situation

We are entering a period of social distancing and need to work hard to contain and combat the devastating Coronavirus. It is important to stay connected to friends and family but also necessary to be able to contact your clients. Many businesses will be affected by the crisis because there are a companies encouraging employees to work from home. It could become mandatory for individuals to work from home at some stage. This trend will definitely increase dependency on electronic forms of contact. We have seen a 40% increase in the number of our customers who are opting to have their Apple Macs collected for upgrades and repairs just this week.

How does this affect Apple tech?

Certain Apple Mac computer components will be difficult to get, but we have put measures in place to accommodate shortages. This means that we are able to continue providing excellent service without risk of interruption.

What does this mean for ZA Support clients?

We are trying to maintain “business as usual” and are offering free collection and delivery of all Apple Macs that require Apple repairs, upgrades and support. The service is available to select Johannesburg locations. We will also attend to software issues and other tasks that require intervention where possible. Our ultimate goal is to assist in minimising non-essential exposure to the outside world. 

The road ahead

Please confirm if your Apple Mac is covered for free collection and delivery. This service is limited to our Johannesburg clients.


It will be difficult to isolate yourself and not enjoy everything we sometimes take for granted, like shopping or eating out. South African’s are incredibly resilient and we have no doubt we will weather this storm and be stronger coming out of it.