Do I upgrade my old Mac or buy new? Updated 2020

Good question… there are a few things you need to bear in mind before making a purchase either to upgrade your current Mac with an Apple SSD / Apple RAM memory upgrade or if you should buy a new Mac.

Here are our 2020 top tips to upgrade your current Mac or, buy a new Mac.

Upgrade your existing Mac: 

1. Work out what you are currently using your Mac for and what you may be using it for in the future. If you are interested to know exactly what Microsoft, Adobe or Apple applications are coming out click here to contact your trusted ZA Support Apple Upgrade Specialist.

2. Find out how much storage space you are currently using on your Mac. Check out our Apple SSD upgrade guide below to find out what your current Apple storage usage is.

3. Find out how much Mac RAM memory you are currently using on your Mac. Check out our Apple RAM upgrade guide below to find out what your Apple RAM usage is.

4. Know what Apple upgrades your Mac could benefit from.

Because there are so many Mac SSD and RAM memory upgrade options in 2020, we recommend you send your serial number to us. (See below how to find your Mac serial number for your Apple SSD or Apple RAM memory upgrade).

 To find out what Apple upgrades there are for your Mac click here to get in touch ;)

Thinking of buying a new Mac? 

There are so many new Apple options already available in 2020 not to mention the upcoming products due this year it is difficult to choose ;)

ZA Support has a unique approach to choosing the right Mac for you. We offer a full assessment of your Mac needs with a personalised recommendation.

Click here to get in touch and receive your own personal assessment ;)

Top 2019 & 2020 Apple RAM and SSD Upgrades

Top 2020 & 2019 Apple Mac SSD and Apple RAM memory upgrades

 The most popular Apple Mac SSD upgrades have been the 500GB – 1TB SSD range. The most popular Apple RAM memory upgrades have been 8GB, 16GB 32GB and 64GB options.

Apple Mac SSD upgrades have seen a significant increase in storage capacity which is now up to 4TB SSD storage! With that kind of Mac SSD storage there will be a lesser need for external hard drives.

 2020 will mark new 2TB & 4TB Mac SSD’s therefore more ZA Support Fans are storing their photo’s, music, and other larger file types on their Mac SSD upgrade.

Apple Mac RAM upgrades have seen Mac performance improvements by a minimum of 30%. Apple RAM memory upgrades specifically improve performance of applications as they provide the support needed by 64-bit applications.

During 2020 we are expecting these performance enhancements to top 43%.

The most common reasons for upgrading to a new Mac SSD and Apple RAM memory upgrade have been:

1. Slow Mac speed. This is one of the biggest reasons ZA Support Mac Fans upgrade to an SSD. Increasing your Mac’s performance with an SSD on average improves performance of application by over 77%, in most cases Mac performance is higher than 77%. This year we are expecting the performance improvement to be over 85%. In 87% of cases Apple SSD upgrades are combined with Apple RAM memory upgrades for enhanced Mac speed. 

2. Improving the performance of Office for Mac applications. Believe it or not, Office for Mac applications can reduce your Mac’s performance significantly. This is commonly a result of new sync services and ‘recommendation’ features which connect to the internet when you use them to make suggestions. Office 2016 for Mac and Office 365 for Mac are the main culprits. Apple Mac RAM memory upgrades assist with Office for Mac applications opening faster without the wheel of death or the beachball.

3. Poor Mac photo, music and video editing performance. This one generally doesn’t come as a surprise. Apple have launched machine learning as a feature in the new versions of Photos. This along with a host of new features has caused the Photos app to consume a massive amount of Mac resources, which can reduce your Mac’s performance. Mac SSD upgrades increase read and write performance as well as assisting with rendering speed dramatically improving the Photos App performance. Apple Mac RAM memory upgrades also improve the performance of rendering photo’s, making adjustments and adding effects faster and smoother.

4. Increase the life span of your Mac without buy new. Apple new hardware sales have dramatically decreased compared to Apple RAM memory and Apple SSD upgrades. The reason is simple. If you can get excellent performance and speed from your existing Mac why buy a much more expensive new Mac which is limited in its upgradability?  

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