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Is your data at risk of being hacked when you book your Apple Mac in for repairs or upgrades?

Here’s an August 2020 guide on what to ask when booking your Apple Mac in for repairs or upgrades to ensure your data doesn’t get hacked.

46% of Apple customers have reported hacking and data breaches.

73% have reported that they are very concerned about what security measures a service provider has implemented to protect their data.

ZA Support has been applying the most stringent data protection and data privacy measures in the Apple industry since 2009.

We have been rated the number one Apple Expert in South Africa for our unparalleled data security and privacy measures.

Here are key questions to ask when booking any device in anywhere:

– Does the service provider run regular cybersecurity audits? 

– Are all employees trained on how to manage cybersecurity threats and breaches?

– What measures are in place which prevent any employee accessing your data?

– Does the service provider require police clearance certificates for staff on a regular basis?