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Can the processor on my Apple Mac be upgraded? Updated 2023

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Can the processor on my Apple Mac be upgraded? Updated 2023


What does the processor do in a Mac?

A processor is the “brain” in your Mac responsible for not only taking input and passing on results but now incorporating short-term memory and sometimes graphics processors.

The key feature of a processor is the balance between speed and power consumption. CPUs that run faster use more energy and so generate more heat.

If the fan has to run more often it will also use more power and the battery can run down more quickly.


What processor does my Mac have inside?

Until November 2020, Apple used Intel-based processors in all their Macs, But things changed when they announced the switch to their own Apple chips based on ARM technology.

ARM was initially created for mobile devices, and chips that are built with ARM technology are much more efficient than those by Intel. Apple Silicon came with an 8-core CPU, up to 8-core GPU, offering unprecedented power, and longer battery life in a small chip.

The latest M1 features a 20-core CPU with 16 high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores allowing new Macs to use less energy.


Can the processor in my Mac be upgraded?

 Processors are soldered firmly in place so the CPU cannot be removed.


If the processor cannot be upgraded how can I speed up my Mac?

Two of the most effective ways to make your Mac go faster are installing more RAM and swapping your hard drive for an SSD. Those both cost quite a bit of money, however. A much less expensive and much easier way is to get rid of unused files.

When you choose a new Mac make sure that you decide on the correct processor for your needs.





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