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Weekly Apple Mac Repair Requests Week 2

Part 1 Updated 2023

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Weekly Apple Mac Repair Requests February Week 2 Part 1 Updated 2023


Good day ZA Support readers


This week I am going to discuss some damages to your Mac that can be avoided. In Part 1 Sunlight is the topic of discussion.


Reported Repair Requests

– Mac gets too hot and switches off

–  Fan makes a loud noise and Mac overheats


The effect of direct sunlight or heat on your Mac.

Although the sun is far away, it can cause damage to your Mac due to heat.

Placing your desk in front of the window so that you can admire the view can have negative consequences for your Mac as direct sunlight can overheat your Mac and cause it to shut down. 

The Mac will gradually be heating up to the point that not only does the fan kick in to try to cool the computer off, but it would eventually shut down to prevent damage.

One other place where sunlight can damage a Mac is in your car.  You might have the computer located so it does not receive direct sunlight, but the car can heat up and damage your Mac. If the car is parked in direct sunlight, the interior can quickly reach high temperatures.  That can cause permanent damage to some batteries, and it can even loosen the components in sealed laptops by melting the adhesives used to keep things in place.


In Part 2 we will discuss Not having Backups.


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