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Weekly Apple Mac Repair Requests

Week 2

Part 3. updated 2023

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Weekly Apple Repair Requests. Feb Week 2 Part 3. Updated 2023

Good day ZA Support Readers


In Part 3 I am going to address the black screen issue.


The Reported Issue

– When you open the Mac the screen is showing until you lift it up to 25% and then goes black.

–  The screen is black and the Mac comes on but no picture. Even using an external monitor the picture does not show.

– The screen is bright pink instead of black.


What are Dustgate and Flexgate?

Dustgate is caused by dust and dirt that causes the screen to malfunction. If you use your Mac in an environment with lots of dust and pet hairs you need to have your Mac services more regularly to avoid the Dustgate issue. The screen can also go a bright pink instead of black.

If you own a 2016-2017 MacBook Pro which is suffering from a black screen it is caused by the LED Backlight cable failing. The cable was designed too short and when the screen is fully opened the cable is stressed and pulled causing it to eventually split. This is called the Flexgate problem.

The best indication that the flex cable has been damaged is a malfunction of the display or its accidental outages. Such a device is, of course, unusable.

Some people believe this issue can be solved by repairing the cable but in my experience, the best solution is to replace the LCD or screen.

Until next week with some more interesting repair requests.


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