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Weekly Apple Mac Repair Requests

Week 4   Part 2. Updated 2023

Should I upgrade my Mac or replace it? A Novice perspective. Updated 2022

Weekly Apple Mac Repair Requests. Week 4 Part 2. Updated 2023


Good day ZA Support Readers


In Part 2 for this week, I want to discuss more Logic Board Issues.


The Logic Board is the circuit board that handles interactions between the different parts ensuring that all functions are working optimally.

After using your Mac for several years the logic board may get faulty because of wear and tear. There are also other factors like dust and dirt and damage like physical impact or liquid spill.


Here are 7 signs of possible Logic Board damage.


1.  Your Mac may boot properly but unexpectedly crash while you are using it.

This is an obvious sign of a faulty logic board when your Mac starts to fail and crash.

2.  The Battery is not charging.

The power input is connected to the logic board and when it gets damaged it affects the charging ports.

3.  Your Mac does not turn on.

There could be several reasons why your Mac won’t boot or start but an obvious sign is a faulty logic board.

4.  Your Mac will not recognize input devices plugged into the ports.

All ports are connected to the logic board and a problem with the logic board will be evident through faulty USB ports.

5. Audio no longer works.

If the problem is related to the logic board’s audio component you will not get regular system sounds from your Mac.

6. Graphic display issues.

You may hear your fan start to spin but the backlight never comes up or only comes with a dim light. Although this can also indicate a broken screen it also points to a visual problem with the logic board.

7. Failed System Diagnostics Test

You can also check if your logic board is faulty by using system diagnostics. You will need to perform a series of tests on the various components of the computer.  

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