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Has your Mac been HACKED??

Has your Mac been HACKED??

What to do if you think your Mac’s hacked?

Over the past couple of weeks ZA Support has opened a special dedicated Mac Hack support desk due to the significant increase in hacking related queries. 

The first step is understanding what hacking is. Hacking is simply gaining unauthorised access to a system. 

With this in mind what is the best way to protect your Mac from hackers?

Over the next few weeks ZA Support will be releasing steps and tips to try if you think your Mac has been hacked, and most importantly to try and prevent it happening in the future.

What to do when you think your Mac has been hacked:

1) Change all your passwords. These can be Apple passwords or passwords for other 3rd party applications and websites.

2) Notify your bank immediately. Just like any other hacker, Mac hackers will often try and gain as much sensitive information as possible about you from your Mac. If you are storing your online banking username or password in your Mac’s keychain, delete it immediately and get your bank to confirm there have been no transactions. In some cases you may have to freeze your bank account.

3) When choosing a new password for your Mac be sure that it is at least 12 characters long, includes numbers, symbols, lower and uppercase letters. It’s best if it isn’t in a dictionary or a combination of words from a dictionary. Make sure you are also using basic substitutions like S0N. The zero is a give away.

4) Activate Two-Factor authentication. Click here if you are unsure what Two-Factor authentication is.

More top tips will be coming in next few weeks as ZA Support continues to provide expert Apple advice for Mac’s which may have been hacked.

If you think your Mac has been hacked contact ZA Support the Mac hacking expert