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How to determine why my Apple Mac is slow, does not want to start or charge? Updated 2023

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How to determine why my Apple Mac is slow, and does not want to start up or charge? Updated 2023


The Reported Issues

1.  Mac is slow

2.  Mac does not want to charge

3.  Mac does not want to start up

4.  Liquid spill


When there is no clear reason why your Mac is misbehaving the best way forward is to do an assessment to determine the problem.


What does an assessment entail?

1.  Check the Mac to determine if there is any liquid or physical damage.

2.  Do a voltage test to determine the power going to the Logic Board.

3.  Test the battery.

4.  Run a test to check the data and power line into the Logic Board.

5.  Test different sensors on the logic board for example the heat sensors, voltage sensors, and performance indicators.

6.  Check the firmware. Storage and Operating Systems.

7.  Test the EFI boot sequence.

8.  Check 3rd party software.

9.  Do the Looped test to validate the results found.


It is possible to do some of the tests yourself but rather leave it to the professional to sort it out for you. 



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