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 Is it worth it to repair or replace your Apple Mac? Updated 2023

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Is it worth it to repair or replace your Apple Mac? Updated 2023


The Issue

Due to the cost of repairs, the question comes up if it is worth it to repair or to replace with either a Pre-owned or New Mac.


List of Repairs requested

1.  Screen replacement

2.  Logic Board repair or replacement due to impact or liquid spill.

3.  Keyboard replacement

4.  Upgrade macOS to keep up with work demands.

The above repairs can be pricey and it might make you consider alternatives. 


Cost of Pre-owned Macs

If you have a good warranty on the Mac supplied it is worth it to consider the pre-owned Mac if your Mac can either not be repaired or if it will not be economical to repair.


Cost of New Mac

If you want to invest in a New Mac make sure that you choose the correct one as the Mac cannot be upgraded after purchase. So rather wait if you cannot afford the correct one.


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