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MacBook Pro Support South Africa

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So you are in need of some Apple technical support in South Africa for your MacBook Pro? You have come to the right place! ZA Support is the premier Apple technical support agency in South Africa supporting Apple in business and Individual Mac users.

1. MacBook Pro superdrive problems in South Africa…

So you have had your MacBook Pro for over a year in some cases less. And one day you decide to insert a CD into your machine… Then the MacBook Pro superdrive spits it out. You try again and it continues to spit it out! From an Apple technical support perspective it usually means the superdrive has failed.

So what are the Apple Support South Africa reasons for the superdrive failing?

– The small mechanism that assists the superdrive to accept and eject disks is “locked”.

– The dual layer optical lasers are damaged.

When asking ZA Support’s Apple technical team they say that there sometimes is no specific reason for the superdrive failing and that most of the time it is wear and tear however not always the case. The only challenge when trying to get Apple support in South Africa for the superdrive failing is that Apple don’t have parts for superdrives… Which can make it tough to fix them. If you suspect the Apple superdrive in your Mac failing contact us!

MacBook Pro superdrive works but disk won’t come out

Sometimes with MacBook Pro’s CD’s get stuck inside the superdrive and won’t come out even though there is nothing wrong with the MacBook Pro superdrive. ZA Support Apple technical support in South Africa recommend trying the following steps to get the MacBook Pro’s stuck CD/DVD out of the superdrive.

Steps to get the Stuck MacBook Pro CD/DVD out:

– If the Macbook Pro’s CD/DVD drive is in working condition with no warping the operating system may be the reason the CD’s stuck in the MacBook Pro. Apple support South Africa suggest restarting the machine and on chime holding down the eject button.

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– ZA Support Apple technical experts say however that even if the MacBook Pro superdrive is working it can sometimes warp with pressure over time. This means that the metal casing can be bent around the MacBook Pro superdrive. Apple technical support South Africa suggest very gently opening the MacBook Pro optical drive casing usually covered by grey “cloth”. Emphasis on gently. If you are unsure how to do this give ZA Support Apple support Johannesburg a call.

MacBook Pro hard drive failures

ZA Support Apple technical support South Africa has written extensively on this topic. There are some key symptoms that may increase your awareness of the MacBook Pro hard drive failing.

Steps to check if your MacBook Pro hard drive is failing

– If you can audibly hear a “ticking / clicking” sound. (In instances like this it is recommended to immediately turn the MacBook Pro off and not to restart.) ZA Support Apple technical support South Africa suggest you contact us at this point!

– If the MacBook Pro is on but not booting to the home screen

– If the MacBook Pro has a question mark on the screen.

MacBook Pro Battery failing / failure

You may sometimes find that this is a very obvious problem or a subtle one.  ZA Support Apple support South Africa have outlined what happens when the MacBook Pro battery begins to fail and when it has failed totally.

MacBook Pro battery failing

– When a MacBook Pro battery is busy failing it may have some of the following symptoms. One is the battery will run out very fast sometimes within minutes. Second the battery may not charge properly. Third the MacBook Pro battery may work sometimes and not others.

MacBook Pro battery failed

– Pretty easy to spot… There is usually an X on the battery itself and if the MacBook Pro is unplugged from power Apple technical support South Africa say that it will simply turn off.


We will be publishing additional articles on some more challenges MacBook Pro user face. However till next time – Adios.

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