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My cat and my Apple Mac

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My cat and my Apple Mac.


What happened?


Mrs. Thom likes to work in front of the TV with the Mac on her lap. Keeping her company is Teddy her 3-year-old cat. This particular evening as she was working she noticed that Teddy was nibbling on the corner of the Mac. The screen just went black and no amount of restarting could get her Mac to come on again.


The outcome.


Mac screens are very vulnerable as the anti-glare sprayed on coating is very thin and just about any contact with the display can damage it.

Unfortunately, screens cannot be repaired and have to be replaced.




The only solution will be to have the screen replaced.  ZA Support Apple Experts can assist with a quote.


Moral of the story.


1. Be very careful when cleaning the screen and keep your cat at a safe distance from your Mac.

2.  Make sure your Mac is insured as this can be a costly repair.

3.  Do not place any pressure on the screen. Not a place for your cat to sleep on.

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