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Should I buy a pre-owned or new Apple Mac?

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Should I buy a pre-owned or new Apple Mac?


Benefits of a certified pre-owned Mac.


 1.  They are as good as new.

Each product is tested to make sure it is in working condition going through several tests. Defective modules identified during the testing are replaced and each product is thoroughly cleaned and inspected.


2. They are cheaper.

You can get more for your money and a hefty discount which drops the prices on both current-generation Macs and older now-discontinued ones. The discount can range from 15 to 29 percent and in some cases as much as 25 percent.


3. Same benefits as for new.

All the pre-owned Products are sold with a 1-year warranty and if anything should go wrong the issue will be fixed at no cost or an offer of a free replacement will be available.


4.  Software.

Each product will have the current software installed on the device as well as the original operating system software and the custom software offered with it.


Benefits of rather buying a new Mac.


1.  You get the latest technology.

2.  Battery life is improved.

3.  You will be the first to work with your Mac.

4.  You have a bigger choice available.

5.   Integrated security features with the latest Mac on offer.




Whatever you decide it will be worth it to ensure that the Mac you want to purchase is what you need.


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