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The backlight on my Apple MacBook’s Keyboard is not working.

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The backlight on my Apple MacBook’s Keyboard is not working.

When the keyboard’s backlight starts acting up here are a few ways to get it working again.

1.  You need to check the keyboard’s backlight brightness level as it might be set to a minimum.

2.  Disable the automatic turn-off of the keyboard backlight by adjusting the brightness level. The light-sensing feature may be causing the issue.

3.  For Intel-based MacBook or iMac models, you can try resetting the SMC to fix this keyboard backlight issue. SMC (System Management Controller) is a chip that controls and stores critical details of the different hardware functions in your Mac. One of them is the keyboard brightness.


If the backlight is still not working it could be the backlight connector or logic board issues.

Please book your Mac in for an assessment to determine the problem.

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