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The on/off button on my Apple iMac does not want to respond. Updated 2023

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The on/off button on my Apple iMac does not want to respond. Updated 2023


Imac on/off button is faulty as it does not want to react when pressed to start or switch off.


Possible Solutions to the Problem.


1.  Make sure your iMac is receiving power.

Check if the power cable is undamaged and securely plugged into your iMac and a working electrical outlet. If you’re not sure about the outlet, test it.


2. Check for a stuck power button.

If you have a sticky power button or a faulty power button, the power button will not be able to send a valid control signal to the logic board so your iMac will not turn on.

The sticky power button is caused by the dirt accumulated inside the button. iMac power button replacement is a time-consuming task even for a Mac repair professional. You need to remove the iMac screen, the power supply, and the logic board before you can get access to the power button.


3.  Is there any faulty external devices?

If your Mac detects the accessories attached to it have short circuits or draw an unusual amount of current from the iMac, the iMac will not turn on. This is a safety measure to protect your iMac.

Unplug all the accessories attached to your iMac including printer cable, network cable, firewire cable, USB hub, and external USB hard drive.


4.  Any signs of power.

When you see nothing on the screen it could still be on and the screen is not working so you have to double-check if there are any signs of power including sounds and lights.


Checks that will be done by a professional.

1.  Check for faulty RAM.

2. Check for faulty iMac power supply.

iMac power supply failures account for the majority of dead iMacs. If you have gone through all the checks discussed above and your iMac still doesn’t turn on, you most likely have a failed power supply, especially if your iMac won’t turn on after a power outage.

3.  Check for faulty iMac logic board.


It is always best to get the help of a professional if you are not sure because trying to fix it yourself might end up in more damage.


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