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What happens to your Apple Mac when you spill liquid on it? Updated 2023 

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What happens to your Apple Mac when you spill liquid on it? Updated 2023


The Reported Issue

I spilled coffee on my Mac and when I turned it upside down the liquid ran into the screen.


What can happen to your Mac when you spill liquid on it?

Even if you can dry the visible area you still do not know where the liquid has gone.

The fact is that your machine may work in the short- term but corrosion will inevitably cause it to fail.

Corrosion does not happen overnight but you can be sure that the process will start the minute liquid hits your Mac.

That is one of the reasons why you need to shut down your Mac right away.

Opening your Mac and handling components you aren’t trained in is a very risky move.

Often you may damage your Mac even further.

You may be able to get rid of some surface corrosion with this method but there are very likely other less visible components that have been damaged. 

Do not:

1.  Turn your Mac upside down. Liquid can run into the screen.

2.  Use a hairdryer to dry the liquid. The heat can damage sensitive parts of your Mac.

3.  Use rice to try and absorb the liquid.

4.  Keep on using your Mac even if it switches on.

5.  Do not attempt to open your Mac.

What you should do?

1.  Switch your Mac off, using the forced shutdown option if necessary.

2.  Unplug your Mac from any power source.

3.  Take your Mac to an Apple Expert to assist you.

If you act immediately it can save you money and your Mac in the long run.


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