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What is the benefit of regularly servicing your Apple Mac? Updated 2023

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What is the benefit of regularly servicing your Apple Mac? Updated 2023


With the escalating cost and the stress of living, everyone now waits for something to happen before taking the necessary steps.  Where we use to go for regular health check-ups we now wait for some danger signs before visiting our doctor or dentist.

This is exactly the same with our electronic equipment.  We only reach out when it stops working.


The Benefit of regular service for your Mac.

1.  Dust and animal hair can affect the heat distribution and let your Mac run hot. You will be surprised to see what the inside of your Mac looks like after just one year of use.

2.  The battery can be swollen and might need to be replaced. The only time you will realize this if you do not service your Mac is when the trackpad stops working.

3.  During the service the hardware and software can be checked and possibly be upgraded to make your Mac operate at its maximum.

4.  Preventing your office to come to a standstill at the most inopportune moment when you least expect it.

5. You might even have some liquid marks on the hardware either by spillage or even condensation.


When should you have your Mac serviced?

A cleaning app is not sufficient and taking it to your regular service provider is advised at least once or twice a year.

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