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Why you should choose     ZA Support Apple Experts as your first stop for repairs. Updated 2023

Apple Upgrade, Repair support expert South Africa ZA Support

Why you should choose ZA Support Apple Experts as your first stop for repairs? Updated 2023


When you are faced with your Mac not starting up and you have a deadline it can be a scary moment.

Here at ZA Support, we try our best to take your situation into consideration and get your Mac in working condition back to you.


We provide the following services:


1.  Assessment 

When we are not sure what the reason is for the malfunction of your Mac we would suggest an assessment so that we can determine the problem. This Assessment will test software as well as hardware. 


2.  Battery replacement

When your Mac notifies you of the service of the battery we can assist by replacing it for you. We will also do a general check before doing so to ensure that there are no other problems. We use Apple batteries and provide a 6-month warranty. 


3.  Screen replacement

When you have a black screen or colourful lines it could be that the screen has been damaged.  We can arrange for a replacement and have your Mac back with you soon.


4.  Hardware repair or upgrades

If your Mac becomes slow or you need more space it is worth it to consider an upgrade. Contact us for details.


5.  Software upgrades

When your Mac needs a software upgrade and you are too nervous to do it yourself we can assist.


6.  Liquid damage

When there is a liquid spill do not hesitate but have your Mac assessed to prevent further damage.


7.  Logic Board Repair and Replacement

Our technical experts can repair the logic board if possible but if not replace it for you.


8.  Personal Touch

We are very proud of our service and will communicate via Email or WhatsApp to keep you informed regarding the progress of your repairs. It is our aim to get your Mac back to you as soon as possible even working after hours to make this possible. Our Google Reviews should speak for themselves.











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