Need to upgrade your Mac? Top 3 tips to upgrade your Mac in South Africa

Upgrading you Mac? Top tips when upgrading your Mac

Top 3 tips to when upgrading your MacIf you are upgrading your Mac anytime soon you want to think about the following three things. All too often Apple upgrades are done without professional upgrade advice which results in the wrong upgrade being supplied. For over 7 years ZA Support has provided expert Apple advice and upgrade support for Apple users interested to upgrade their Mac’s. ZA Support supports the widest range of Apple upgrades including; Macbook Pro upgrades, iMac upgrades, MacBook Air upgrades and Mac Pro upgrades.

What to do when upgrading your Mac

It may seem like a really obvious question. What is current wrong with my Mac? Or, why is my Mac so slow? However, one may be surprised by the complexity of the answer. There is a wide range of factors that may be causing the machine to become slow. Maybe it is a hardware fault that has not been picked up. Possibly, there is a corruption in the operating system or there may have been a upgrade to a new operating system which is causing havoc on the Mac. Here are some quick steps to try and identify why your Mac is acting up:

  • Check for updates on your current operating system. This doesn’t mean you have to upgrade to a totally new operating system just check if there is something that you could upgrade to like a combo update.
  • Check your activity monitor’s RAM usage. This can sometimes be deceiving as it will tell you capacity is not the problem however, when your applications are running and you are working on them it is a different story.
  • Have a look at the amount of disk space you are using. This is common as the machine run’s out of disk space, becomes slow or worse doesn’t start up.

What to do when upgrading your Mac

Upgrading your Mac is about the future. Generally upgrades are done to solve a short term problem being the machine is too slow to work on however, the long term goal is to keep the machine for an extended period of time. It doesn’t make sense to upgrade the machine in the short term only to find in 6 months it is slow again. Here are some tips to think about when upgrading your Mac for the future;

  • How much space do I currently use and what is my projected usage in the next 24-36 months?
  • How are new operating systems going to affect my machine?
  • Am I aware of the spec’s new versions of operating systems and software require?

Upgrading your Mac? Here are steps on how to upgrade your Mac

  • Do you know what the maximum amount of storage space your Mac can go up to?
  • Are you aware of any internal devices which could be removed to provide more storage or improve performance?
  • Do you know what the maximum amount of RAM your Mac can be upgraded to?

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