New 2021 MacBook Pro repairs!

New 2021 MacBook Pro repairs!

Apple Upgrade, Repair support expert South Africa ZA Support

The latest release of new Apple repair parts for MacBook Pro’s

MacBook Pro repairs using original Apple parts

 fitted byNew 2021 MacBook Pro repairs.

A major challenge MacBook Pro fans face is when a repair is needed.

Unfortunately, many fans have received non-genuine MacBook Pro parts.

MacBook Pro’s and Mac’s in general are very sensitive and don’t respond well to fake parts.


If your MacBook Pro needs a repair, make sure you are using genuine parts.

Here’s a list of questions that should be asked before your repair takes place:


1. Do you know if the parts used to repair your MacBook Pro repair are genuine? Unsure of how to tell? Contact us for MacBook Pro repair support.


2. Is the warranty for the part at least one year? There are many instances when MacBook Pro repairs are only guaranteed for three months. 


3. What is the process to fix or replace the MacBook Part should it be faulty? Many Mac fans find that there’s a lengthy process to diagnose the faulty part, and often an even longer process to get the faulty part replaced or repaired. Average time frames could range between 1 – 3 weeks. 


4. How long does the diagnostic process take from the time your machine is booked in to assess whether the MacBook Pro part should be repaired or replaced?


What differentiates our MacBook Pro repairs?


1. All our parts are made in the same factories that all original Apple MacBook Pro parts are manufactured in.


2. Most of our warranties are valid for a minimum of one year. That’s the longest MacBook Pro repair warranty period in the industry.


3. Should your MacBook Pro repair be faulty, our swop-out period is immediate* after parts are tested. This is another Apple repair industry first.


4. Getting a diagnostic completed on your MacBook Pro takes between 2-4 hours depending on the complexity of the assessment. 

To summarise ZA Support can assist with new 2021 MacBook Pro repairs, fitted by South Africa’s number one Apple MacBook Pro repair expert.


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