New Certified Apple Repairs 

New Certified Apple Repairs in Johannesburg 

ZA Support is launching a whole new range of certified Apple repairs which carry a full warrantee and guarantee.

The updated August 2020 Apple repair range will include all new repairs for MacBook Pro’s, iMac’s, MacBook Air’s, iMac Pro’s, Mac Mini’s and Mac Pro’s.

Apple certified repairs will include Apple repairs for Apple Mac’s which have had water or liquid spilled on them. Advanced logic board, keyboard, trackpad, battery repairs are some of the Apple repairs Mac clients can benefit from.

ZA Support also provides certified Apple repairs for almost every part which can be repaired on a Mac.

Apple Mac’s which have been struck by lightning or have suffered a power surge damaging the Mac can also in most cases be repaired.

If you’re Mac is insured an insurance report can be generated detailing the nature of the damage and assist with any related claims. ZA Support is always here to provide the best possible Apple experience.

ZA Support’s new Mac repair range provides: 

– Apple screen replacements 

– Apple logic board repairs

– Apple repairs on water damaged Mac’s

– Apple repairs on Mac’s which have been struck by lightning

– Apple repairs on Mac’s with power surge failures

– Apple battery replacements

– Apple keyboard replacements

– Apple fan replacements 

– Apple trackpad replacements

More on the way!!

Contact us if the repair you need is not mentioned.

All repairs carry ZA Support’s quality guarantee. 

Most Apple MacBook Pro, Apple iMac and Apple iMac Pro, Apple MacBook Air and Apple Mac Pro models can be repaired.

Are you in need of Apple support? ZA Support Apple Expert offers the best Apple upgrades, support and repairs in South Africa.