New August 2020 Apple SSD and RAM memory upgrade options from ZA Support Apple Expert

When should you upgrade your Mac?

Generally, Apple users will start considering upgrading their Mac when the Mac becomes slow or the performance deteriorates significantly.

A question ZA Support Apple Expert is asked often is should I upgrade my Apple Mac? In most instances upgrading your Mac even if it is a little old is a worth it.

A lot of Apple fans are given incorrect advice regarding upgrading their Mac. This is designed to get Mac users to buy new machines instead of upgrading their current Mac.

Upgrading your Mac in many instances have performance improvements of up to 85%. Increasing the performance and speed on your slow Mac will give you a good few years out the old Mac and it won’t cost nearly as much as a new Mac.

How do you upgrade your Mac?

Whether you are looking to upgrade your iMac or upgrade your MacBook Pro or upgrade your MacBook Air there are many Apple upgrade options.

It is important to know what type of Apple Mac upgrade your Mac is eligible to receive.

Here’s a breakdown of how Mac’s are upgraded:

MacBook Pro Apple RAM memory upgrade or Macbook Pro Apple SSD upgrade:

– Most MacBook Pro’s and iMac’s from 2009 to 2018 can be upgraded. ZA Support provides the highest quality Apple MacBook Pro RAM memory and Apple MacBook Pro SSD upgrades in Johannesburg.

– Some MacBook Pro’s and iMac’s can only have the hard drive upgraded to an Apple SSD. However, there are many MacBook Pro and iMac’s models which can have the Apple SSD upgrade and a MacBook Pro RAM memory upgrade or an iMac RAM memory upgrade. Whether you need more Apple storage or your Mac is slow and you want to make the

How long does it take to upgrade your Mac?

Generally, Apple upgrades on iMac’s and MacBook Pro’s take around 6 hours. There are some cases where it takes a little longer to do the Apple SSD or Apple RAM memory upgrade.

All ZA Support Apple SSD upgrades and Apple RAM memory upgrades are of the highest international Mac upgrade quality.

All Mac upgrades further carry the ZA Support Apple upgrade extended warrantee and are fitted by authorise Apple engineers.

Use the number one Apple upgrade expert in Johannesburg

For 11 years ZA Support has been providing Apple customers in South Africa with world-class Apple upgrades, Apple repairs and Apple support.

In August 2020 ZA Support was rated by customers as the best Apple upgrade, support and repair expert in South Africa.

ZA Support’s new August 2020 Apple SSD range provides: 

– Up to 8TB SSD storage space

– Ultrahigh performance up to 80% faster than previous SSDs.

– 12-year warrantee an industry first

– 6-month remote Mac support

– 1-year maintenance plan  

– Fitment within 2 hours* 

Apple SSD upgrades compatible with iMac, MacBook Pro and some MacBook Air models

New August 2020 Apple RAM memory range

ZA Support’s new August 2020 RAM memory range provides: 

– Ultrahigh performance, up to 65% faster than previous RAM modules.

– Lifetime warrantee 

– 6-month remote Mac support

– 1-year maintenance plan  

– Fitment within 1 hour* 

Apple RAM memory upgrades compatible with iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iMac Pro

New Certified Apple Repairs updated August 2020 

ZA Support’s new Apple Mac repair range provides: 

– Screen replacements 

– Battery replacements

– Keyboard replacements

– Fan replacements 

– Trackpad replacements

More on the way!!

Contact us if the repair you need is not mentioned.

All repairs carry ZA Support’s quality guarantee. 

Most Apple MacBook Pro, Apple iMac and Apple iMac Pro, Apple MacBook Air and Apple Mac Pro models can be repaired.

Do you need to get your Apple Mac upgraded or repaired?

Are you in need of Apple support? ZA Support Apple Expert offers the best Apple upgrades, support and repairs in South Africa.