New Catalina Mac operating system any good?



New Catalina Mac operating system any good?

Do you upgrade to Catalina?

Apple has just announced the latest Catalina operating system. The big question ZA Support has been asked, is whether the Catalina operating system is any good and should you upgrade to it.


What makes the Catalina macOS so much better than Mojave? 


What are the top 3 things you need to know about Catalina?


These are the questions ZA Support will answer, including some top tips before upgrading to Catalina, and what you need to look out for when you do upgrade to Catalina.


So, let’s start with a review of Catalina macOS.


What’s is MacOS Catalina?


1) MacOS Catalina is a brand new operating system Apple are brining out in fall 2019. 


2) Apple TV+ is now coming to Catalina MacOS, why its important is that you will be able to watch all your favourite shows directly from your Mac. This is unique because it is in direct competition with Amazon Prime and even Netflix. 


With the new Apple TV+ app you can stream any media content through all your Apple devices, store that media for offline use and resume just where you left off without the hassle of finding your place. 


Over the years, ZA Support has tracked how Apple is competing for the movie / show space, and with the seamless experience of switching between all of your Apple devices, we believe it will make Apple’s ecosystem that much more attractive.


3) Photo’s – something most people love is going to get even better. Many ZA Support Fan’s struggle with duplicate photos. With Catalina, this should be something of the past. We know that in previous versions of the Apple Photo’s app, they have promised that duplicates will be a thing of the past but, hopefully this is the answer! Further, organising your photos will be much easier with new segmentation software which automatically makes connections between photos to organise them more efficiently.


4) iPad apps will start becoming available on your Mac which is revolutionary especially for programs which don’t have native applications for your Mac. Imagine all your favourite iPad apps on your Mac…very powerful for Apple fans upgrading to Catalina.


5) Screen sharing between your iPad and your Mac will now be possible. This is extremely useful for people who have a lot of applications running at the same time and have to switch between apps often. It will save time and offer another screen without having to buy an external monitor. 


6) You will now be able to authenticate your Mac’s security commands from your Apple watch – pretty cool.


7) Security has been enhanced with Apple’s latest T2 chips, making sure your Mac is that much safer against hacking and attacks.


8) Once you have upgraded to Catalina, be sure to monitor your Mac’s performance closely. If you find that when you upgrade your Mac to Catalina the performance on your Mac drops dramatically and you experience the wheel of death, contact us to see if your Mac can be downgraded from Catalina to another Mac operating system.


Click here to get in touch with ZA Support to find out about upgrading to Apple’s latest operating system Catalina.
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