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SMC Apple reset – What to do when your Mac won’t load properly ZA Support South African Apple Specialist

ZA Support’s top tips for resetting your Mac’s SMC.

SMC Apple reset – When to reset your Mac’s SMC?

SMC Apple reset – What to do when your Mac won’t load properly. Resetting the Apple Mac’s SMC is the next step if you have already reset your Mac’s PRAM. Here’s ZA Support’s top tips when resetting your PRAM

Here are some of the top symptoms when you might want to reset your Mac’s SMC:

If the lights on your Mac are not functioning properly. This could be the keyboard backlight not working, a SIL or Status Indicator Light (that’s that little light for Mac’s that have the white flashing light on the front of the machine).

If the battery lights are not behaving properly examples could be the displays actual backlight not responding as it should or the battery charge indicator lights on the side of the MacBook Pro not working. If you are interested in upgrading the Apple Mac RAM Memory click here and Apple Mac SSD click here.

If you find that your Mac’s fans are running really fast, and as a result the Mac is getting very hot resetting the Mac SMC may help.

You may also find that the Mac might not boot up when the power button is pressed. The Mac sometimes shuts down without being promoted to do so. The battery may not charge as it would normally, and the MagSafe LEDs don’t show the charge and power status correctly.

Generally Apple Mac machine performance may be compromised. This can take the shape and form of Apple Mac applications being extremely slow to respond, the machine becoming very hot, and as a result becoming very slow or it could be that the Mac takes a long time to boot up and to generally function. There also may be signs of the CPU utilisation being very high. Sometimes Apple Mac RAM Memory and Apple Mac SSD upgrades can really help improve the performance of your iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air*, and Mac Pro machines. Click here to find out more about upgrading your Mac today.

Resetting the SMC setting is limited to certain Mac’s that fit the following criteria:

  1. If the device runs only from a wall plug

2. If there is a Mac battery that can be removed. For Apple Mac battery quotes click here.

3. If the Apple Mac’s battery can be removed.

Here are the best methods to reset the SMC on your Mac:

  1. Make sure to turn your Mac off totally.
  2. Remove the MagSafe power charger from your Mac.
  3. If you have experience in removing the battery do so. If you have not removed the battery before click here to get the best Apple service in South Africa.
  4. Hold down the power button for at least 5 seconds.
  5. Insert the battery back again, then attach the MagSafe cable again.
  6. Try and turn the Mac back on. If your Mac is not responding or is not restarting some symptoms may include the loading bar loading then stopping halfway. If you see this contact ZA Support’s number one South African Apple support centre.

For Apple machines where the battery cannot be removed, try ZA Support’s top tips for resetting the SMC on Mac’s without removable batteries.

  1. Make sure to turn your Mac off totally.
  2. Make sure the MagSafe power adaptor is plugged in.
  3. Let all buttons go.
  4. Try and turn your Mac back on. If your Mac has a loading bar which only goes halfway and stops, or is showing a blank grey or white screen contact ZA Support’s Apple Support Specialist support centre.

If you own a Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro try ZA Support’s top tips on how to reset the SMC:

  1. Ensure the Mac is completely off.
  2. Remove and unplug any power sources linked to the Mac.
  3. Hold down the Mac’s power button for at least 5 seconds.
  4. Plug the Mac back into power and turn the Mac on again.

This concludes the steps you need to follow! If your Mac is slow, unresponsive or you think an Apple Mac RAM Memory, or Apple Mac SSD Upgrade for your MacBook pro, iMac, Mac Mini or MacBook Air may be required to increase performance click here to contact the number 1 Apple upgrade specialists in South Africa.

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SMC Apple reset – When to reset your Mac's SMC.