What to do when you have spilt liquid on your Apple MacBook Pro and Air

Have you spilt liquid on your device?

Have you ever spilt liquid on your expensive device? If you have, you will definitely understand the feeling we are talking about. That awful sinking feeling where you desperately try to remember whether your insurance is up to date or if you have done a recent backup. Accidents happen so it is important to know what Apple technical support you need if the unthinkable happens.

In this blog the South African Apple support experts will explain what steps you can try in the event you do spill liquid or water on a Apple MacBook Pro or Apple MacBook Air in South Africa. It will also provide some Apple technical support to guide you in what you shouldn’t do!

Step 1: Remove any power sources from the liquid damaged MacBook Pro or MacBook Air

When electricity and water are exposed to each other it poses a serious problem for anyone in need of Apple technical support in South Africa. That is why you remove all the power sources to the liquid damaged MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. This includes the power supply and battery (where possible to remove).

First and foremost you need to make sure any power sources to your Appl MacBook are removed so as to prevent further damage. In addition to the power supply, attempt to remove the battery if possible. The combination of electricity and water is not something that is going to turn out favourably so get that done before any further panic!

Step 2: Allow the liquid damaged MacBook Pro or MacBook Air to dry out

It may sound unlikely but it is possible to dry out your liquid damaged Apple MacBook. ZA Support recommends carefully placing your MacBook into a box of dry rice and in a well-ventilated room with lots of natural light. Be careful to ensure the rice stays where it should and doesn’t cause any further damage.

Step 3: Give the water damaged MacBook Pro or MacBook Air time to dry out.

Do not try and turn the machine on within 5 minutes. When dealing with a water or liquid damaged Mac you need to allow sufficient time for the Liquid damaged MacBook Pro or MacBook Air to dry. The longer you leave it sometimes the better the result…

After carefully placing your Apple MacBook Pro or Apple MacBook Air in rice, give it the time to dry, at least 72 hours in fact. Trying to start your machine prematurely could result in irreparable damage but also bone-crushing disappointment. Leaving it even longer is better, provided you haven’t gone into Mac withdrawal paranoia. Trust us, have some patience.

Step 4: The ZA Support Apple support experts recommend not opening the liquid damaged MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

Special materials are needed to sometimes clean the machine out. By opening the machine you run the risk of it being permanently damaged. Not cool.

Step 5: What happens next?

In most Mac’s the manufacturers have special litmus tests positioned to test for any kind of liquid damage. Even if your Mac is new it is not going to be possible to get Apple to replace a logic board with liquid damage on for free.. It is “user error” as insurers would put it.

With the majority of Mac machine the manufacturers have sneaky litmus tests positioned o pick up whether there has been any kind of liquid damage. What this means is that in future, if your Mac survives, you may not be covered for any warranty related issues.


If your machine turns on but doesn’t operate properly then the damage may already be permanent. Just to be sure, book your machine in with ZA Support for a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Non Mac related advice: Insure your machine, its pricy to replace and you don’t want to end up without one due to a lack of funds.

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