Top 2019 Apple Tips to try when your Mac becomes slow

What to do when your Mac's loading bar just stops ZA Support is the Apple Specialist in South Africa

Top 2019 Apple Tips to try when your Mac becomes slow

Has your Mac suddenly become slow?

Does your Mac have the wheel of death?

Firstly let’s discuss the symptoms of a new Mac which has become slow.

1) Your Mac has the wheel of death or sometimes known as the beachball.

2) Simple tasks like opening Microsoft Office for Mac, Adobe, Mac Mail, Outlook for Mac and other Mac software applications become slow and unresponsive.

3) The Mac takes a long time to boot up.

4) Generally you find that your Mac’s performance is slow.

So what do you do when your Mac is slow and performance is poor?

There are a great deal of options available. Whether you are considering upgrading your Apple’s storage with an Apple SSD upgrade or, if you are thinking of upgrading your Mac’s RAM memory ZA Support can assist you make the right choice if it is time to upgrade your Mac.

Let’s talk about upgrading your Mac’s hard drive to an Apple SSD:

Upgrading your Mac’s hard drive to an SSD on average has a 65-78% improvement in performance.

One of things that most Apple fans don’t know is that most of the new Apple machines are not upgradable once you buy them. This means that you if your new Mac doesn’t have the right spec from the beginning you may experience a decrease in your new Mac’s performance over the next few years sometimes months. Having a slow new Mac is a costly mistake, and could be avoided by getting the right Apple advice.

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There are some other options to try when your Mac becomes slow:

Bought a new Mac? After 6 months or less it becomes slow?

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Check the performance of your Mac relative to other similar new 2019 Mac machines

Check if the new Mac’s hardware hasn’t been damaged. Click here to test if your Mac’s hardware is faulty or damaged

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