Top 3 tips to speed up your Mac South Africa

If your Mac is running slower than it did before and you are not sure why here are some top tips to speed up your Mac!

Is your Mac running slower than it has before?

More often than not South African Apple users who have just upgraded to a new version of the operating system currently El Capitan soon to be Sierra find themselves with Mac’s that have become slow overnight. One would think that by upgrading your operating system your Mac should get faster, sometimes this is the exact opposite of what happens.

When upgrading to a new operating system here are some of the things to be aware of:

  • As El Capitan is a download that is accessible through the Mac App store you need a strong Internet connection to make sure the download actually runs.
  • Once you upgrade to El Capitan you can’t go back to anything else. If you want to go back a version you are going to have to manually copy your data across onto a machine with a older operating system
  • If your machine is not running relatively current hardware in all likelihood you  are going to experience a slow down in performance.

My Mac is slow after upgrading to El Capitan

If you have installed 3rd party apps and a new El Capitan operating system you may find that your machine gets even slower. Some applications whether on El Capitan or any other earlier version can cause a Mac to slow down. Here are the top 3 applications that have been found to slow down a Mac that has been upgraded to El Capitan or is still on a earlier version.

  • Mac Keeper – this is a famous one, although it looks great most Apple users have found that even machines that have had SSD and RAM upgrades are slow if Mac Keeper is running
  • Clean My Mac – Another application that claims to speed up your Mac however, many Mac fans find that if they upgrade their Mac’s they are still slow with Clean My Mac
  • Adware and malware – This can come in the form of a “Adobe” update which isn’t actually Adobe but a malicious piece of software that embeds itself in Safari or another web browser and causes your Mac to run slowly.

How to speed up a slow Mac

When thinking about how to speed up your Mac there are some basic things you can do which could have some immediate performance improvements. We suggest that if your Mac is slow and you have not tried the following things to increase the performance of your machine try them and if it doesn’t make a difference let’s chat!

  • Try and delete files you don’t need anymore or you are not using as often as you think. Sometimes deleting files can assist to free up space and increase the speed of your Mac
  • Update your Mac with the latest updates for your operating system. Often by simply updating your Mac there are bug fixes to speed problems that you can benefit from
  • Consider upgrading your hardware. If you’ve not upgraded your Apple hardware think about doing a RAM or SSD upgrade. Click the links below to find out more!

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Upgrade your Apple RAM memory – South Africa

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Upgrade your Mac SSD – South Africa

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