Top 3 tips when buying your new 2019 Mac 

Top 3 tips when buying your new 2019 Mac 

There is a reason salesmen have a poor reputation. The main reason is that they will say anything to make a sale, regardless of whether it is the right choice for you or not. 

There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of money on a new 2019 Mac, only to find that months after buying your new Mac it becomes slow. Is your new Mac slow? Check out our article on the number one tips to try if your new 2019 Mac is slow.

So, let’s jump right into what you need to know before buying a new Mac.

1) Make sure you have the right Apple advice before buying that new Mac. You need to know exactly what spec you need on your new Mac. Sales people are notorious for just selling anything they can. If you need help on choosing the right Apple product based on your specific needs click here to contact ZA Support’s Upgrade Centre.  

2) Specifically when it comes to Mac laptops, you need to know what new Apple, Adobe and Microsoft updates are coming out in the next couple of months. This has a big impact on your new Mac’s performance, battery life and general life span. Click here to get the best advice on which MacBook Pro, MacBook or MacBook Air is right for you.

3) Know what future upgrades your new 2019 Mac can handle. There are so many instances where a new Mac is purchased, and when it becomes slow you can’t upgrade it. Buying a new Mac which can’t be upgraded can be a painfully expensive exercise. To find out which Apple RAM memory and Apple SSD upgrades a new 2019 Mac can be upgraded to click here.