Top Tips to speed up your iMac

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What are easy ways you can speed up your iMac?  Top performance tips

Every Apple iMac user has experienced a little lagging every now and then, but is there an easy way to speed it up or are your problems a bit bigger? Fortunately there are some quick and easy steps you can follow to revitalise your Apple iMac. If you try all the tips with little relief than we suggest getting in touch with ZA Support if you reside in South Africa, for all your Apple support, Apple Mac upgrade and Apple repair needs. ZA Support Contact Us

Step 1

Our first tip will always be, restart your iMac. Maybe it just needs a little break and reset to get back to running optimally. This may sound far too easy but it could really be that simple especially considering that the average user can go a couple of days without a restart!

Step 2

Do you have enough iMac storage memory available? Before you start wildly deleting stuff we suggest you go to the disk utility in the utilities folder and check to see what is available. We often forget to clear out our storage periodically which means that you could have piles of data clogging up your iMac. Clean up the information you have stored on your desktop, as it can be a habit to save things there. If you need more space it is worthwhile considering upgrading to a solid state drive, there are many benefits which we have provided in a previous article follow this link to read more. Benefits solid state drives You could also consider upgrading your Apple iMac RAM memory which along with the Apple solid state drive upgrade would make a massive difference in performance.

Step 3

Once you have spruced up your Mac’s storage it is time to have a look at your Apple iMac RAM memory usage. Apple RAM memory is exceptionally important when it comes to processing speed and is also one of the easiest things to upgrade if you are lacking in that department, contact ZA Support South Africa for more info on our Apple RAM memory upgrades. ZA Support Apple RAM upgrades You can find information on how much RAM memory you are using for various applications in the activity monitor in utilities.  Our research suggests that you ideally don’t want more than 50% of your iMac RAM memory to be used at any given time.

Step 4

When you are busy working you probably don’t pay attention to how many files, images or videos you are deleting. You can easily go weeks or months without checking the status of your trash folder. Believe us it is pretty scary going in there after a few months of ignoring it! This leads us to our last step try really hard to remember to consistently empty your trash bin. It literally could be the simplest solution to your under performing iMac problem.

Hopefully you have now been able to improve the performance of your iMac with a few easy steps. For the less easy solutions please get in touch with ZA Support, we are experts in diagnosing and fixing and upgrading your Apple iMac. ZA Support Contact Us

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