Update to Big Sur failed? Try these steps to repair your Mac

Update to Big Sur failed? Try these steps to repair your Mac

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Steps to try if your Mac failed upgrading to Big Sur

Many Apple fans try upgrading to Big Sur only to find the update failed.

1. Leave your Mac running for another 2-3 hours while the update is trying to install. Sometimes the progress bar when upgrading to Big Sur will state a different installation time compared to the actual time it takes to install.
2. If the Mac still doesn’t install the update, try and restart to see if your Mac boots into the normal user profile.
3. If you restarted your Mac and it continues going back to the Big Sur installation screen restart it again in recovery mode. To enter recovery mode shut the Mac down and upon restart press command R
4. If your Mac still doesn’t complete the installation after you have tried to reinstall via recovery mode try and boot from safe mode. To enter safe mode turn your Mac off and press the shift key upon restart. 
If all the steps above don’t work contact us
Common errors when trying to upgrade to Big Sur: 
1. “The network connection was lost” 
2. “Installation of macOS could not continue. Installation requires downloading important content. That content can’t be downloaded at this time. Try again later.”
3. “gateway timed out” or, “bag gateway”
Possible reasons why the Big Sur update fails: 
1. There is not enough storage space on your Mac to complete the upgrade. A Big Sur upgrade requires a minimum of 60 GIGS. Yes, you are reading correctly. This excludes the additional updates your apps and new macOS will need.
2. The Big Sur installation file is corrupted.
3. There is an error with the date and time on the Mac.
1. Did you know you can DOWNGRADE your Mac from Big Sur to Catalina? Contact us for additional information to downgrade from Big Sur to Catalina.

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