Upgrade Apple RAM, SSD's South Africa for Yosmite

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Upgrade Apple RAM, SSD’s South Africa for Yosmite

Mac running slow? Time for an upgrade? Upgrade your Apple RAM, hard drive, solid state hard drive (SSD) for Yosmite with ZA Support

Is your MacBook Pro running slow? Apple updates that should have been done months ago but didn’t? Keen to upgrade to a new version of the operating system but concerned it will make your MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini or Mac Pro too slow? If you are interested in any of the any of the above or looking for some more information on if you can put an SSD into a Macbook pro, RAM into an iMac or even Yosmite onto a Mac Pro keep reading!

ZA Support provides expert Apple support in South Africa for the three phase process of getting your Apple Mac upgraded.

Step: 1 – Expert Apple advice

At ZA Support we believe in giving you the most accurate advice regarding your Apple upgrade in South Africa. So we always understand what your objective is before setting up an Apple upgrade proposal.

Step: 2 Apple RAM upgrade, Apple SSD upgrade, Apple hard drive upgrade

Once we have analysed your Apple technical Support requirements we will then proceed to generate a quote for you and attain the physical hardware. All MacBook Pro upgrades, iMac upgrades, Mac Pro upgrades and Mac Mini upgrades are of the highest quality parts ensuring continuity of service. T&C’s apply.

Step: 3 Apple upgrade South Africa – Fitment

After the expert Apple advice is administered, the Apple upgrades themselves have been purchased we will even fit them for you! Implementation is one of the most important factors when completing your Apple upgrade in South Africa.

Before contacting ZA Support here are some easy steps to save you time when contacting us.

1. Always send us your serial number this can either be found on the back of most machines, or through the top left hand side of the screen under about this mac > more info then you see the serial if you have not seen it already.

2. Have a drafted idea of what you would like your Apple upgrade to do for you. Even it is as simple as ” I want my applications to open faster on my Mac” or ” I want to be able to have all my photo’s on one drive”.

3. Know your operating system / send us a screenshot if you are not sure. It is important for us to know the spec of your machines sometimes to provide better expert Apple support.

What type of upgrades will Yosmite require

Well, to run Yosmite on your Mac you may have to do some important Apple upgrades on your system. Here is a brief breakdown of the bare minimum requirements needed for the Apple upgrade to Yosmite.

– 2Gb of Apple RAM ( To upgrade your Apple RAM click here.)

– Snow Leopard 10.6.8 ( To upgrade your Apple operating system or to get more information on which Apple operating system you can downgrade click here.)

– At least 8GB of hard drive space free ( To upgrade your Apple hard drive click here.)

Most Apple users will find that they do not just want the bare minimum to run the Yosmite operating system. Reason being it will most likely be very slow on your machine as Mavericks taught us… So you may want to consider fitting better Apple upgrades to accommodate for the software.

Known problems with Yosmite

Since Yosmite is such a new operating system (still in testing), it is not yet clear what the kind of challenges may be. However ZA Support will continue to update all Yosmite related articles just to make sure you stay in the know with all Apple upgrades in South Africa. This includes any incompatibility with Adobe Creative cloud for Mac and other professional applications.

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